Lekke Recipes

Andre Hendrikse

Executive Chef Andre Hendrikse Vision and Mission: As a 5-Star executive chef, with 25 years of experience in the industry. I have come to to a point of wanting to give back to the community. With the development of my online cooking channels, its for the mere reasons of showing people out there, that one can cook anything and everything with the little or more ingredients they have in their kitchens. I am all about great food on a good budget. so my sole mission is to advance people with cooking skills and to have them realise that one does not need to become a chef in order to prepare great dishes. I would like to grow this online establishment and reach a point of having cooking lessons that are interactive and inspiring. Cooking is a passion yes, but how amazing would it be to have a professsional chef on your screen guiding you through every dish you ever wished to make, ofcause with the well known Chef Andre twist! I see this as giving back, sharing my knowledge and skills in a non pompous way or a way that intimidates my audience. with the above said, i am also indulging in freelance work, giving me the opportunity to meet new people, teach, and learn more as I go. We are all chefs!! No kitchen can tell us otherwise. Regards Chef Andre Hendrikse

Coffee Smoothie

Coffee, Coffee in an amazing way for a summers day have this Coffee Smoothie to cool you down.

Mango Smoothie

No summers day can go without this amazing Mango Smoothie.